Wrong details on your child tax credit letter from the IRS? Here’s what it could be

Make sure the details on your child tax credit letter are correct.

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The rest of your child tax credit money arrives after you submit your 2021 tax return. But first you need IRS Letter 6419, which contains important information you will use to file your taxes. However, if you have already received this document and have noticed that the information is incorrect, it could be due to several reasons.

The IRS says it is working on the issue and will provide taxpayers with resources to ensure they have access to the most up-to-date information to file their tax returns. The agency also encourages people to check their IRS account online from January 31.

We’ll explain why the details on your child tax credit letter might be wrong. For more information, here is the news of the extended child tax credit This year.

The letter from the IRS may be wrong if you are married and filing jointly

If you are married and file taxes jointly, you and your spouse will each receive a letter from the IRS. Once you both receive the notice, you will need to combine this information when you file your tax return. If the form details still seem wrong, read on to see what else it could be.

This is similar to married parents filing jointly who have opted out of the child tax credit. Both parents had to unsubscribe to stop receiving payment. If only one opted out, the other would still receive a partial payment.

If you moved in December, the letter may contain incorrect information

Did you move at the end of 2021? If so, that could be the reason your letter from the IRS contains inaccurate numbers. The IRS says those who moved in December may be among those with incorrect information because their last child tax credit check may have been returned as undeliverable.

We recommend update the IRS and USPS with your new address when you move. This could help prevent money owed to you from being delayed – for example, the rest of your child tax credit money, your tax refund and any stimulus money you don’t have. not received.

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Switching bank accounts in December may have caused the problem

Did you change your bank account in December? This could have resulted in an error in the details of your IRS letter. The IRS says people who switched bank accounts in December are among those affected. Indeed, the direct deposits were probably rejected since the old bank account had been closed.

What to do about an incorrect child tax credit letter

If the details of your child tax credit letter are not correct, wait for further instructions from the IRS. The agency said it is working to provide people with the up-to-date information they need to file their taxes. You can also check your IRS account on January 31 to see if your information has been updated.

We do not recommend call the IRS regarding issues with your notification, as call volumes are much higher and you will likely have to wait a while before speaking to someone.

For more details, here what to know about your tax refund and how to track it. Also, here three reasons why you should set up direct deposit with the IRS This year.

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