Why is Kim Burrell apologizing? Gospel singer posts apology video after initial statement fails, leaving internet unimpressed

Gospel singer Kim Burrell recently landed in hot waters after making controversial comments about the appearance and financial situation of congregants during a speech at Pastor Brian Carn’s Kingdom City Church.

The controversy escalated after the musician took to Instagram to post an official statement about the situation. In her initial letter, Burrell mentioned that she had no intention of hurting people with her words and claimed that her speech was being used to create “false statements and narratives” in order to cause “slander and slander. defamation”.

And that’s why people don’t go to church. There was no Jesus in this https://t.co/NTmPoym2EW

The statement immediately backfired and prompted Burrell to delete the letter from social media. Meanwhile, she took to Instagram again to apologize for her questionable remarks about worshipers.

Burrell began the video by clarifying that the initial letter was from a lawyer, while his final apology was from his heart:

“Hello everyone. This is Kim Burrell. I’m sorry. I’m serious. I mean that. Not from the letter, from my heart. I posted a letter two days ago. It didn’t not been clear at all, and I have to tell you this – I was asked to do this by a lawyer.

She further acknowledged that calling worshipers “broken” and “ugly” in her speech was “offensive” in nature:

“The last part, you all know I know, was offensive… It wasn’t my intention, but it was his phrasing to say, ‘They need to be aware. I said no.’ My friends called me and said, ‘No, there are still people who are hurt by the part of themselves that they love about you.'”

The Grammy nominee also mentioned that she decided to film the new video out of love for the fans:

“I came back because I love you. It’s not about dating, it’s not about keeping my career, it’s about keeping love real. I love you guys so much , and I’m really, really sorry”

Kim Burrell concluded her video by saying that she never intended to “hurt” her fans and didn’t want to hurt them in the future. She mentioned apologizing from the “bottom of her heart” and said she would pray that those affected by her comments would “heal” the situation.

What did Kim Burrell say in her speech?

Earlier this week, a video showing Kim Burrell’s controversial speech about Kingdom City Church attendees went viral online. In the video, the singer can be seen joking about the faithful’s financial situation and calling them “broken”:

“Sometimes, before having friends, we have to do an interview: how long have you been broke? How many times have you changed your name on your lighting bill? How many of your bills are in your little cousin’s name? Do you live in a trailer or a house? You understand. It’s not about status or material things. It’s just a matter of choice. »

She then commented on the Paycheck Protection Program loans and said:

“I hope we will have the opportunity to meet when you all invite me to come to your church. I’m not as expensive as I look! I don’t know, maybe you have some left over from your PPP loan. Prayer, Praise and Power, you understand. Amen.”

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Burrell was further seen praising Pastor Brian but called his church members “ugly”:

“Most don’t understand his personality because he’s the truth personified, and he speaks the kind of truth that makes the most uncomfortable, because who likes being told, you’re just ugly?”

She continued to share her questionable remarks about worshipers’ appearances despite not eliciting a reaction from the crowd:

“Nobody likes being told that, especially when they’ve figured it out. Most aren’t offended until they know what’s wrong with themselves and then someone another recognizes it and says, oh I saw the ugly too. Just wanted to let you know.”

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During her speech, Kim Burrell also praised those who decided to attend the church service by “walking by faith without a mask and without a vaccine” despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Kim Burrell’s apology video doesn’t convince netizens

Netizens are less than impressed with Kim Burrell's latest apology video (Image via Getty Images)
Netizens are less than impressed with Kim Burrell’s latest apology video (Image via Getty Images)

As Kim Burrell’s church speech went viral online, her comments about worshipers sparked outrage on social media. She also received backlash after posting an official statement justifying her actions and condemning the alleged harassment she faced.

The singer deleted her initial clarifying statement and posted a video apology on Instagram. Although Burrell apologized for her words and the letter that followed, the apology video failed to convince or impress social media users.

Many also took to Twitter to share their reactions to the singer’s apology:

Kim Burrell has issued a new apology after being trolled for the premiere. Claims her attorney wrote the letter she posted on Instagram https://t.co/S202aB1IxE

My face is watching this Kim Burrell apology video https://t.co/t7zLXUzwqr

Kim Burrell’s apology is the worst celebrity apology I think I’ve ever read.

Kim Burrell offering an “apology” while simultaneously threatening legal action is… laughable.

I did this before Kim Burrell posted ANOTHER apology, but it didn’t change much of what I said. I will let everyone decide for themselves how to receive their new video. https://t.co/h3FoAMCyNb

Kim Burrell called them ugly and broke in their church…and then apologized wearing a million, billion and trillion sweater…hear the jokes write themselves! https://t.co/1H7XFk9ptj

Excuse me, but this Kim Burrell apology video made me laugh again. She wore a jacket that read “Millions, Billions, Trillions” while apologizing for calling the congregation poor.

Ahead of the latest controversy, Kim Burrell has come under fire for calling the LGBTQI+ community “perverted” and saying same-sex relationships are a “sin”. She also received backlash in 2019 for making fun of fellow singer Fantasia.

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