Situation in the West Bank similar to that which preceded the Gaza war

A senior Hamas official has denounced the Palestinian Authority (PA) for fraternizing with Israel.

“There are two approaches among the Palestinians. A large part resists the occupation regime, but the other front, namely the Palestinian Authority, is Israel’s mercenary and has normalized its relations with the regime,” he said. said Mahmoud al-Zahar, a member of the Gaza Strip. The leadership of the Strip-based movement, Iran’s Arabic-language al-Alam television said on Sunday.

The first front, he said, is ready to make any sacrifice to expel the occupation regime from all of Palestine, but the latter does not believe in the liberation of Palestine.

“The Sword of al-Quds could repeat itself”

The official said the escalation of the situation in the occupied West Bank is similar to that which preceded Operation Sword of al-Quds last year.

The operation saw resistance groups in Gaza rise up in arms in support of the Palestinians, who were bearing the brunt of Israeli aggression in the West Bank.

The official, meanwhile, recalled how the operation, during which the resistance groups fired thousands of rockets into the occupied territories, managed to scuttle the Israeli regime’s security doctrine.

Al-Zahar said the Arab countries’ failure to support Palestine in the face of the Israeli regime and the West’s full support for the regime have led to the emergence of a new status quo in Arab relations with Israel.

The official was apparently referring to the move by some Arab states in the region to normalize relations with Tel Aviv through US-brokered deals, which Palestinian groups called a “stab in the back of Palestine.

“The situation, however, has changed drastically. There was a time when the West Bank was said to be weak, whereas today the experiences of Gaza are being repeated in the West Bank,” he said, pointing to the uprising of the West Bank. Palestinians against Israeli aggression in the occupied territory.

Ukraine crisis weighs on pro-Israel countries

The Hamas official said that the oil crisis after the war in Ukraine had significantly changed the situation of the countries, which supported the Israeli regime.

“The countries that supported the Israeli regime are now afflicted with weakness and bewilderment,” he said.

“Fatah continues to glorify security cooperation with Israel”

Al-Zahar dismissed claims that the ruling Fatah party, which rules the Palestinian Authority, has undergone changes.

“The official Fatah authorities always regard security cooperation with Israel as sacred,” he said, noting that the same officials used to denounce the Gaza resistance group’s military operation against the Israeli regime. occupation.

Situation in Yemen

Addressing the issue of Yemen, where the Saudi-led coalition and Yemeni defense forces have observed a truce, al-Zahar said the situation in the impoverished country has changed.

“Those who used to take up arms against the resistance in Yemen have started participating in the negotiations and launched reconciliation efforts.”

Regional countries, which have normalized their relations with the Israeli regime, as well as the West have not achieved their goals in Yemen, he noted.

“The PA is blocking the liberation of Palestine”

Returning to the Palestinian Authority and its relationship with the Israeli regime, al-Zahar said the body was blocking the liberation of Palestine through its security cooperation with Tel Aviv.

As part of security cooperation, the Authority relays information about ongoing anti-Israeli operations in Tel Aviv, he added.

The incapacity of the United States against Russia

The official addressed the issue of US inability to deal with Russia.

“The United States, which was attacking Iraq and Syria, was unable to fire a single bullet at the Russians,” he said.

It was then that Ukraine was dependent on the United States and was supposed to join the Western NATO military alliance, al-Zahar said.

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