Scarborough wins accolades and achievements

City of Scarborough departments are constantly striving to improve our community through their specialist areas, and the impacts have been recognized with grants and awards of excellence. From public safety to finance, this recognition not only highlights the city’s accomplishments, but also contributes to continued successes and opportunities to meet the needs of our community. Here are some recent accolades that make Scarborough a special and safe place to live, work and play.

Fire department receives $400,000 grant

The Scarborough Fire Department received a federal grant of $397,727 from the Firefighters Assistance Program (AFG), administered by FEMA. It will be used to replace our self-contained breathing apparatus – extremely important equipment worn by our crew whenever they are fighting a fire or in a situation where there are chemicals, smoke or other hazards. The grant will allow us to replace 60 air packs as well as 120 air cylinders and 110 face masks so that we can deploy individually tailored masks to our most active staff.

The total expected cost of replacing this equipment is $437,500.00. After applying this grant amount, the city is responsible for 10%, to be included in the FY23 capital improvement plan budget. Had we not been successful in obtaining this grant, the city would have been obliged to make all this investment locally because the current air cylinders are at the end of their legal life and can no longer be used after July 2022.

Police receive DOJ grant for LEAD program

The Scarborough Police Department has received a $286,065 comprehensive Opioid, Stimulant and Addiction Program grant from the Department of Justice. The funding will be used to support and advance the ministry’s LEAD program, Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion Program, established in November 2021.

The LEAD program was developed as a way to divert individuals to community-based harm reduction intervention for violations of the law motivated by unmet behavioral health needs. LEAD holds great promise as a way for law enforcement and prosecutors to help communities respond to public order issues arising from unmet public health and social service needs (i.e. (d. substance abuse, untreated mental illness, homelessness and extreme poverty) through a public health framework using the formal criminal justice system.

Two dispatchers recognized as members of the “Stork Club”

In February, dispatchers Artie Green and Amanda Marden became members of the “Stork Club”. Scarborough Fire Chief Kindelan and Police Chief Holmquist presented the two dispatchers with their “Stork” mugs and pins, provided by Maine EMS and International Academies of Emergency Dispatch, for their displayed calm and professionalism while providing instructions emergency medical dispatch during emergency birth calls in Old Orchard Beach in July 2020 and November 2021. Dispatcher Marden was awarded a Legislative Sentiment, the highest honor that can be bestowed on someone from the Maine Legislature. We are proud of Green and Marden dispatchers, and all of our Public Safety dispatchers for the compassion, kindness and professionalism they demonstrate every day and on every call.

Finance Certificate of Achievement in Financial Reporting

The city’s finance department, consisting of accounting, revenue (collecting and processing taxes, vehicle registrations, licenses, permits, and parking tickets), and purchasing, received a certificate of achievement for excellence in reporting financial. This award was given for its comprehensive annual financial report for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2020 and this is the 16th consecutive year that the government has won this prestigious award. In order to receive a certificate of achievement, a government must publish a complete, easily readable and efficiently organized annual financial report. This report must satisfy both generally accepted accounting principles and applicable legal requirements. The finance department also plans to receive this award for our FY21 annual audit.

Community Services Receive Statewide Recognition

Scarborough Community Services received a 2022 Facilities of Merit Award from the Maine Recreation & Parks Association at their annual conference this week. This award was in recognition of the new community service center at 418 Payne Road. Over the past two years, this facility has significantly improved recreational opportunities in Scarborough, including increased types of uses and greater accessibility for users. It demonstrates innovation and creativity, as well as a local commitment to delivering programs in a designated space.

The department was again recognized at the conference with a 2022 Citizen Volunteer of the Year award for Scarborough resident Art Dillon. This honor is given to a community volunteer who supports the development and creation of recreational programs, facilities or services. Art Dillon was nominated for his contribution to community service and to the Scarborough community as a whole. He is currently Chairman of the Community Services and Recreation Advisory Council and is active on the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce where he coordinates the annual free summer concert series held at Memorial Park. “Art has served on many other ad hoc committees and boards over the past 24 years and is always ready to use his voice to advocate for recreation programs and access to safe and beautiful parks,” said the director of community services, Todd Souza. “His dedication to our community is unparalleled and we are fortunate to have his support.”

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