Report: Trump organization should get dirty right now


Last month, The New York Times reported that the Westchester County DA office opened a separate criminal investigation into the Trump Organization, which focused in part on whether the company had misled local officials about the value of Trump’s property National Golf Club Westchester for the express purpose of reducing its tax bill. For example, in a year, city officials valued the property at around $ 15 million, while the Trump Organization claimed it was only worth $ 1.4 million. Meanwhile, on federal disclosure forms filed while president, Trump said the club is worth more than $ 50 million. Which is quite the gap!

Of course, the idea that a company run by Donald Trump is claiming property worth significantly less than what local officials have said should come as no surprise. In February 2019, Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal lawyer, Recount Congress that, in his experience, Trump “inflated his total assets when it served his purposes, for example by trying to be among the richest people in the country.” Forbes, and deflated its assets to reduce its property taxes. Cohen cited portions of documents known as “Statements of Financial Position,” which were valuations of Trump’s real estate assets and debts, which Cohen said were intended to demonstrate his wealth, particularly to lenders to whom he wanted to lend him money. A month after Cohen’s testimony, the To post delved into such documents and found that they were filled with a comic number of lies.

In 2011, for example, a “Statement of Financial Position” claimed that Trump had 55 lots of homes ready to sell for at least $ 3 million each on his golf course in Southern California. Yet, in reality, he had only been zoned for 31, thus overestimating his future earnings by roughly $ 72 million. In a 2012 document, he added another 800 acres to the size of his 1,200-acre Virginia vineyard. In 2013, in an attempt to bolster his bid for the Buffalo Bills, a two-page “net worth summary” conveniently omitted his ownership of two hotels, in Chicago and Las Vegas, meaning the To post Noted, “Some of Trump’s actual debt was withheld from anyone reading the statement.” In perhaps the most cheeky example of Trumpian “hype,” he invented 10 more stories to the Trump Tower, claiming the building was 68 stories when in reality there are 58.

As the To post noted Thursday, there is a possibility that the second grand jury could conclude without issuing further indictments, although if the previous one is a guide, it may not be. The Trump Organization did not respond to the To postrequest for comments. Trump’s personal lawyers Ron Fischetti and Phyllis malgieri declined to comment. In previous statements, Trump, his spokespersons and his family have denounced any investigation of the ex-president and his family business as a politically motivated witch hunt. Last year, Eric Trump said to To post, “This type of targeting and harassment violates all ethical guidelines of a prosecutor. It’s wrong.”

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