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‘Outer Banks’ is a teenage mystery show that follows the misadventures of a gang of misfits called the Pogues for being blue collar kids. While trying to coexist on the eponymous island riddled with elite families, the teens embark on a mission to find their leader John B’s missing father and the legendary gold-laden ship he was obsessed with. Created by Josh Pate, Shannon Burke and Jonas Pate for Netflix, the show first aired on April 15, 2020.

Upon release, “The Outer Banks” received the love of fans and critics for its adrenaline-fueled storytelling, blending the coming-of-age genre with drama of mystery and cutting-edge exploration of the discriminatory societal hierarchy based on wealth. With Season 2’s cliffhanger ending, fans must look forward to another season to watch their beloved Pogues take on the Kooks on the dangerous island. Here’s everything we know about Outer Banks Season 3!

Outer Banks season 3 release date

Outer Banks Season 2 premiered in full on July 30, 2021 on Netflix. The second season consists of ten episodes lasting 42 to 61 minutes each.

As for another season, here’s what we know. While the streaming giant hasn’t officially renewed the show for a third season, the intense Season 2 finale leaves the door open for creators to expand the story for at least one more episode. In addition, in a maintenance along with Entertainment Weekly, the showrunners have made it clear that they have already plotted the plot of the third season. Speaking about the Big John reveal, Jonas Pate said, “It was always a dragging idea and thematically, it sets up some things that we want to explore in season three.”

Additionally, Shannon Burke said, “It’s going to be instrumental and maybe the backbone (of season 3) basically. This is obviously a gigantic revelation that will fuel much of the third season. If we look at the ratings, the show has consistently garnered excellent reviews from audiences and critics alike, which is a positive aspect for the show to be given the nod from the streaming platform.

Considering the aforementioned points, there’s a good chance the network will be bringing the show back up and running for a third season soon. When that happens, production and post-production could take more than a few months, and the season will most likely be set to end in the second half of 2022. If all goes well, we expect Season 3 from Outer Banks. to free during the fourth quarter of 2022.

Outer Banks season 3 casting: who can participate?

It is likely that most of the main cast will reprise their roles if the series is renewed for a third season. Return case could include Chase Stokes as John B., Madelyn Cline as his love interest Kook Sarah Cameron, Rudy Pankow as JJ, Madison Bailey as Kie, Jonathan Daviss as Pope, Drew Starkey as Rafe, Austin North as Topper, Carlacia Grant as Cleo, Elizabeth Mitchell as Carla and Charles Halford as Big John, and Charles Eston as Ward Cameron.

Along with the regular cast members, Season 3 will also feature some new additions to the cast. Jesse Boyd will not be returning to play the character of Renfield, Limbrey’s younger half-brother, as his character’s fate is sealed in the second season.

Outer Banks season 3 plot: what is it?

Season 2 follows the adventures of the Pogues as they pursue treasure, embark on romance, are charged with uncommitted crimes, dodge murderer Ward, almost cause Ward to be murdered and see Rafe’s rise as a power-hungry and mentally foe unstable. It ends with a major twist, as befits the series. John B’s father Big John is shockingly revealed to be alive and is approached by Pogues rival Carla Limbrey.

It’s possible that Season 3 sees the chaos caused by Big John trusting the infamous Carla to be an ally of his son and Carla’s own search for the Shroud of Turin, known for its healing properties. He will also see the Pogues attempt to escape from the island they are stranded on (known as Poguelandia), with some of them deciding to retrieve the ship’s treasure and the Cross of Santo Domingo from Rafe and Ward. The mythology surrounding the treasure and shroud will also be expanded, adding an additional element of thrill to the Outer Banks universe.

There will certainly be a build-up towards John B’s possible reunion with his father, as the show revolved around the glorification of his father’s protagonist, who has been presumed dead all this time. Will John B be happy to know his father is alive, or will he feel the emotional weight of being abandoned by the father he adored? Either way, there will surely be a heavy dose of emotions in Season 3.

Co-creator Shannon Burke has declared that the father-son relationship will function as the “backbone” of the third season. Perhaps Rafe and Ward’s unstable dynamic will be explored, perhaps with sinister consequences, as the former seeks both his father’s approval and hates him. Over the coming season, we can expect more romance among the teens, as well as their return to their home port of Outer Banks Island.

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