Miami Loan Officer Arthur Miguez Embraces Advancements in Technology to Offer ‘New Economy’ Mortgages

Caliber Home Loans’ user-friendly technology and professional advice from its loan advisors create a smooth path to homeownership.

Miami, FL, March 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Technological advancements are improving nearly every aspect of life, from work to play, and an enterprising Miami mortgage loan officer is embracing the use of digital innovation to help aspiring homeowners to obtain a “new economy” loan designed specifically for their needs.

Artificial intelligence, cloud computing and the like can improve many elements of the mortgage application process. Lightning-fast data analysis calculates the costs of dozens of loan options much faster than manually, while machine learning and automation can dramatically streamline applications, resulting in faster approvals . In a seller’s market where demand constantly outstrips supply, time is of the essence when trying to buy a property.

While some people may be reluctant to constantly adapt to beneficial technological changes, this is not the case with Arthur Miguez. He is a loan officer at Caliber Home Loans and uses his technological know-how to provide his clients with fast and complete mortgage service.

“The industry is constantly evolving with technological adaptations to meet changing lending guidelines, requiring you to adapt to the current economic environment,” he says. “We are dealing with a new economy where successful people are those who adapt to the latest technologies.”

Arthur’s willingness to use emerging tools makes the loan process much easier, which can be a huge relief for investors, freelancers, and others who might feel overwhelmed with what it takes to get a mortgage loan. Using the latest IT tools also facilitates its ability to find ideal loans that conventional approaches might not uncover.

“Having the right product for the customer’s needs is key. Anyone can sell a home loan, but how do you really stand out? said Arthur. “My difference is that I focus on everything process and product, from research to training and more.”

This can be particularly beneficial for potential homeowners who may face a more complicated journey to securing a mortgage. For example, self-employed people can often struggle to find lenders willing to put down the money to buy a home because their tax returns might not accurately reflect their strong financial situation. Some lenders may simply decline the mortgage application, but Arthur’s forward-looking approach can overcome this and other hurdles.

In the mortgage industry, too many lenders simply focus on a numbers game of trying to sell as many loans as possible, whether or not they benefit the buyer, Arthur says. His goal is to tailor each loan to a client’s specific wants and needs, noting that “one size fits all” for home loans doesn’t work and can backfire if a lender later defaults on that loan.

His approach to lending helps all types of buyers avoid such an outcome, as he finds ways to use technology to chart the right path to obtaining the preferred loan for individual situations. “I am able to help borrowers navigate what can be a complex process and make the acquisition of their new home or investment property smooth and easy.”

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