Mercer County has New Jersey’s most expensive gas


Gas is rising all over the country. I hear people complaining all the time now that they are paying a lot more for gasoline than they were a year ago. They are not wrong. Everyone is paying more for gasoline than they were a year ago.

According to Buck County Courier Times, gas prices are the highest they have been in a very long time. In fact, we’ve learned that gas prices across the country are currently the highest since 2014.

AAA has shared a map that shows the states with the highest gas prices and the state of Pennsylvania is bright red, which means it has some of the highest gas prices.

The State Garden is not doing much better as shown on the second tier of high gas prices.

It was also shared on AAA that the average gas price for Pennsylvania is $ 3.527 and for New Jersey it is $ 3.409.

Check it out. A year ago, every time you pumped gasoline in Mercer County, you paid $ 1.166 less than what you pay now. AAA reported that the average price of regular gasoline in Mercer County today is $ 3.409, up from $ 2.243 per gallon last year.

With current gas prices, if you have a 12 gallon tank of gas in your car, you’re probably spending $ 12 to $ 15 more on gas every time you refuel.

Sussex, Warren, Burlington, Camden, Salem and Cumberland are the counties with the cheapest gas prices in the state of New Jersey.

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