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Help for people in HLM

Many people think that living in social housing (the Housing Authority for example) is easy but it is not. As residents we are looked down upon, yelled at, belittled, threatened and things left unfixed in our accommodation for years. Why does this happen? It’s called abuse of power. If anyone feels overwhelmed, contact Congressman David Valadao’s office in Hanford and you will be helped.

Black History Month: Support Black Women

This year, the national theme for Black History Month is “Black Health and Wellness”. In line with this theme, we honor Black communities and Black-led partner organizations, while highlighting and continuing to implement the equity work that remains to be done, especially within our health system.

As we celebrate the contributions of Black Americans this month, it’s never been clearer how critical Black communities — and Black women, in particular — are to the backbone of our society.

Despite the vision and bold leadership of black women in all sectors, many members of black communities do not receive the respect, care or support they deserve. At Planned Parenthood California Central Coast, we are committed to providing the care, education, and resources Black women need to protect their health and their future, so they can lead healthy, safe, and independent lives.

As an organization, we are committed to providing sexual and reproductive health care and education for all. We also understand that sexual and reproductive health does not exist in a vacuum. As we have learned from Black-led reproductive justice partners, sexual and reproductive health cannot be separated from other social justice issues like access to housing, clean air and water and to a fair immigration system.

As a healthcare provider and educator, we have a responsibility to support our communities and ensure they have access to all the services and resources they need to live better, healthier lives. Planned Parenthood is committed to breaking down barriers to sex education for Black communities. We provide inclusive, medically accurate, and culturally relevant sex education for the communities we serve. Our health educators and Promoterx are in our communities to provide information about our health care services and share vital sex education.

Our goal is for each of our health centers on the Central Coast to be a safe and supportive, non-judgmental environment for everyone who walks through our doors.

Planned Parenthood California Central Coast

The library event is a great success

Last Saturday there was a steady stream of people into the Hanford Library to see many local writers, buy their books and have them signed. Many were there to see a local judge who had written about his years on the Kings Country bench. Others were there to see the two roosters who did extremely well.

It was a huge success. Tanya Russell, Library Manager, and staff are to be commended for their hard work.

Kings County is blessed with wonderful libraries and the residents who support them.

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