Kansas governor’s office details response to recent storms and wildfires

WICHITA, Kansas (KWCH) – The office of Kansas Governor Laura Kelly detailed the state’s response to the The destructive winds and forest fires on Wednesday. The governor’s office said last Friday, December 10, that Kelly had activated a declaration of emergency on potential wildfires that paved the way for the coordination of state resources in the event of a wildfire.

A spokesperson for the governor said the Kelly administration also continues to coordinate air support and mutual aid for affected counties. From Wednesday’s storms and fires, the governor’s office detailed this response.

  • The Kansas National Guard’s Black Hawk helicopters have completed 50 drops and will continue to target hot spots after 10:30 a.m. today. The SEATs are on standby and will be released today. SEOC will be staffed tomorrow.
  • The agricultural tankers carried out 9 flights with 2 to 4 drops per flight and will continue to provide assistance today as needed.
  • The Kansas Department of Emergency Management (KDEM) is working with counties to obtain damage assessments on the approximately 400,000 acres burned.
  • KDEM is working with Junction City to help with water issues. Currently, one pump is operational, a second should be operational today. The Harvesters, Kansas Food Bank, and KDEM are currently helping provide water.
  • KDEM is working with the Kansas Department of Agriculture on livestock loss.

Agricultural producers needing help navigating the questions and support processes can find information here: https://www.agriculture.ks.gov/news-events/kansas-wildfire-recovery-resources-december-2021.

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