“I think of these dream matches”

AJ Styles recently re-signed with WWE to a three-year contract. Although he stated that his previous contract with WWE would be his last, his mind seemed to change following ThunderDome’s relatively light schedule. A popular wrestling figure spoke at the Sportskeeda Wrestling Awards and addressed a dream match for The Phenomenal One.

Styles has done it all and won (almost) it all. A global superstar, he would become the face of IMPACT Wrestling before backstage contract issues caused him to leave for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

His brief two-year stint saw him compete against the best wrestlers in the world before World Wrestling Entertainment called him. He is now six years into his WWE tenure and will have completed nine years by the time his next contract ends.

Popular wrestling figure Conrad Thompson spoke with Riju Dasgupta during the Sportskeeda Wrestling Awards. When asked about a dream match between WWE and IMPACT Wrestling, Thompson said he would like someone with IMPACT roots like Styles, and named Josh Alexander as his dream opponent:

“I like the idea of ​​someone in WWE who has Impact roots, like AJ Styles. Like that might be interesting. If we hadn’t had the news recently announced [Styles re-signing with WWE for 3 years], something with Josh Alexander and AJ Styles would be just phenomenal. I don’t know what the biggest money game would be, but I like the idea. As a fan, I think of those dream match scenarios. I think ‘Who would have won between Goldberg and ‘Stone Cold’ [Steve Austin] or if The Undertaker fought Sting. ” [8:19-8:56]

He said that’s what makes the idea of ​​the forbidden door so fun:

“That’s what makes this ‘forbidden door’ talk so funny. It reminds me of my mom at the grocery store, seeing all those magazines and hypothetical dream matches. And now some of between them happen. It’s really cool.” Konrad said. [8:57-9:10]

You can watch the full video below.

AJ Styles is a multi-promotion Hall of Famer in the making

AJ Styles’ work in IMPACT Wrestling speaks for itself. He’s a business legend, which is why many were surprised in 2013-14 when he couldn’t get along with the promotion he did so much for.

However, it turned out to be a big step for him as his run in New Japan Pro Wrestling put him on WWE’s radar. He took just over five years to achieve Grand Slam champion status and technically has a WrestleMania main event under his name.

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