HomeBinder Launches New Features That Strengthen The Relationship Between Homeowners, Home Professionals, Mortgage Lenders, Insurers And Other Authorized Partners


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Home appraisal tracking, maintenance reminders, and improved user interface promote greater engagement in home management, creating opportunities for retention and referral

BOSTON, Mass., October 18, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) – HomeBinder, a centralized home management platform that allows homeowners to stay in touch with mortgage lenders, home inspectors, insurers, home professionals, real estate agents and other licensed professionals, today announced the release of new features and user interface (UI) enhancements designed to enhance the home management experience. By fostering greater consumer engagement in digital home management, HomeBinder keeps homeowners connected with the businesses that support their ownership journey, creating opportunities for repeat and referral business and helping to create customers for the home. life.

Notably, HomeBinder had introduced a proprietary home appraisal tool that aggregates multiple data points – including renovations, device upgrades, and the status of maintenance tasks – to estimate value and l current appreciation of the house. The tool also tracks information including purchase price, current loan balance, loan term, interest rate, annual taxes, and risk insurance. This feature is designed to help homeowners better track the value of their home and provide future buyers with greater transparency about the home’s history.

The platform update also introduces an evergreen “To Do” list on the owner’s homepage. The list highlights important tasks driven by both owner-specific workbook data as well as stage of ownership, according to models used by many other successful SaaS platforms.

The new user interface also features improved navigation and workflows that improve the organization of tools such as document storage, maintenance history, home improvement projects, device models, job details. property and photos.

“This latest update to the HomeBinder interface strengthens homeowner engagement with the platform, keeping users connected with their mortgage lenders and other authorized home professionals,” said Guy Tassinari, director of HomeBinder products. “By offering unique new capabilities and targeted improvements to organizational workflows, HomeBinder continues to be a valuable and user-friendly resource that home owners will come back to time and time again, creating long-term referrals and repeat business opportunities.

To see how HomeBinder can help businesses stay in touch with homeowners and support the homeownership journey, schedule a demo at [email protected]

About HomeBinder:

HomeBinder is a home management platform that makes it easy to maintain a home’s value while improving relationships between homeowners and the businesses that serve them. Unlike traditional business cards like business cards and fridge magnets, HomeBinder maintains an ongoing digital connection with homeowners as they manage their data, documents, and relationships over time. Founded in 2015, HomeBinder is a venture capital-backed Techstars Boston ’19 company based in Burlington, Massachusetts. For more information, visit https://pages.homebinder.com/.

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