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Discuss HCMC’s achievements in the fight against Covid-19 at 4e epidemic, Mr. Phan Nguyen Nhu Khue informed that in the past 4 months, with the unwavering determination of the municipal authorities and the community in the implementation of Government Resolution No.86 and Resolution No.05 from the HCMV Committee party executive council, the health system is strongly strengthened, resulting in a significant reduction in severe cases or deaths of Covid-19, and the city is practically passing its epidemic peak.

Simultaneously, HCMC has over 95% of its population aged 18 and over vaccinated with at least one dose of Covid-19, 45% with the second dose. The city is also working to ensure social security for its residents and to raise awareness of Covid-19 safety for both the community and businesses.

Speaking about HCMV’s goals regarding Covid-19 prevention and control tasks in the near future, the head of the board stressed that the epidemic, although fundamentally under control, is still quite complicated and the number number of infected cases is still high, requiring special attention. the attention of the health sector. Added to this is the fact that residents of neighboring provinces of the Southern Key Economic Zone are not fully covered by the vaccine and are quite susceptible to the disease.

This means that HCMC must be extremely careful in its next stage of Covid-19 prevention tasks, following the motto “Safety is the top priority”. To ensure the medical safety of all citizens, the city must rely on scientific evidence to develop a detailed and appropriate plan for socio-economic recovery.

In particular, from 6 p.m. on September 30, HCMC relaxes social distancing regulations in line with the city’s current state of pandemic and the results of the safety assessment under the leadership of the Ministry of Health . First, the city aims to minimize deaths and severe cases of Covid-19 disease. Another objective is to better strengthen the city’s health system, especially at the grassroots.

As for socio-economic recovery and development, the city is allowing step by step the operation of manufacturing plants and service companies as long as they can ensure Covid-19 prevention measures. This, in turn, will sustainably increase the level of social security for city residents. The success of these objectives means that the city officially turns to the “new normal status”.

Traffic on Nguyen Tri Phuong Street is crowded on October 1. (Photo: SGGP)

Explaining what the citizens of HCMC are or are not allowed to do in the coming months, Mr. Nhu Khue said that following the 5K rules is a must for everyone. Private vehicles are only allowed to travel inside the city, while interprovincial travel must comply with the regulations in force.

All Covid-19 checkpoints inside the city are removed and traffic users do not need a travel permit to exit. However, they must have a QR code issued by the VNEID application to declare the reasons for their trip, as well as the vaccination certificate issued by the application “Y te HCM” or “So suc khoe dien tu” (at least until ‘that the national’ PC-Covid ‘application is officially operational).

Without a smart device to display a QR code, people can show the necessary documents showing that they received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine 14 days before or that they were an F0 within 6 months.

As HCMC gradually enters the “new normal”, city authorities will gradually allow the operation of common facilities such as department stores, supermarkets, traditional markets, grocery stores, hairdressing and barber shops. , cultural and sports facilities, tourist sites, religious facilities.

Asked about the working conditions of those returning to HCMC, the chairman of the board said that at present, the city’s businesses have a high demand for human resources. Therefore, the city has discussed with other provinces to design the best solution to accommodate workers safely. Anyone or business with this need should contact HCMC Transportation Department for further advice on the necessary procedures. Since each province has its own Covid-19 checkpoints at its borders, people without proper documents cannot pass them.

Finally, regarding the measures taken by the municipal authorities to maintain the social security of the citizens of HCMC when they are not yet fully recovered from this epidemic, Mr. Nhu Khue mentioned the ongoing provision of the third round of financial support to the people. vulnerable throughout the city. It is estimated that 7,347 billion VND (approximately US $ 323 million) will be distributed to more than 7.3 million needy people in the city.

In addition, HCMV is preparing a care policy for orphans and elderly people living alone due to the Covid-19 pandemic here. In the meantime, the vaccination campaign is continuing to deliver the second dose to the greatest number of citizens.

By Duong Loan – Translated by Thanh Tam

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