Ghislaine Maxwell’s latest trial: accuser says Maxwell inspected her body for “Epstein and his friends”

Ghislaine Maxwell trial: the second accuser testifies

More details on allegations of sexual abuse of teenage girls by Jeffrey Epstein and his former partner Ghislaine Maxwell emerged on Wednesday after a third accuser shared his testimony in court.

The British socialite, who was accused of sending underage girls after luring, inspecting and grooming them for the sex offender convicted from the 1990s, has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Ms Maxwell said she had become the “scapegoat” for Epstein’s actions.

New testimony against the duo by third accuser Carolyn said how she was greeted by Ms Maxwell when she visited Epstein’s Palm Beach home. Carolyn said Ms Maxwell took off her clothes, but Carolyn asked to continue wearing her bra and underwear.

She said she was paid $ 300 for massaging Epstein. Carolyn said she visited Epstein’s house over 100 times and even up to three times a week when she was 14-18.

Trial prosecutors have said they intend to close their case this week, signaling a conclusion to the arguments on their part.


Third accuser: “My heart is broken and my soul too”

The third accuser in the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, a woman in her thirties known as Carolyn, said Maxwell had “fondled” herself, adding “because of this my heart is broken and my soul is broken. too “.

Carolyn testified that she and Jeffrey Epstein spoke about both being underage and being sexually abused as a child.

She added that each meeting would end with Epstein masturbating and touching her breasts and butt. “Something sexual would happen every time,” she said.

The testimony came as prosecutors indicated they could finish presenting their case to the jury as early as Thursday.

After that, the defense could then call witnesses.

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Epstein’s Island: What Really Happened There?

Guests came from all over the world and from the highest echelons of society: celebrities, scientists and royals, landing in a private jet and then boarding a helicopter for the island. Its owner liked to call it “Little St Jeff”; the locals called it “the pedophile island”.

But what’s the truth about Little St James, the private 75-acre paradise in the U.S. Virgin Islands that billionaire sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein once called home?

The island is now at the center of a network of prosecutions and criminal investigations aimed at unraveling the life of Jeffrey Epstein, who died in prison in 2019 at the age of 66 in what authorities have called suicide.

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I saw photos of Ghislaine Maxwell “naked and pregnant” at Epstein’s home, according to the accuser

During the trial, Carolyn told Ms Maxwell’s lawyer Jeff Pagliuca that she saw a photo where the British socialite and Epstein’s former partner looked pregnant.

“Naked and pregnant,” Carolyn said in response to a question from Mr Pagliuca where he asked the woman about her claims she saw a photo at Epstein’s house.

Sravasti Dasgupta talks about it here

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What we know about the third accuser Carolyn in the Maxwell trial

Carolyn, the third accuser, in her testimony in the sex abuse and child trafficking lawsuit against financier Jeffrey Epstein and her former partner Ghislaine Maxwell, detailed on Wednesday how the duo allegedly exploited her for sexual purposes.

She was introduced to Epstein at the age of 14 and agreed to offer sex favors to the disgraced sex offender because she needed the money.

The woman, who is now in her mid-30s, said she had an alcoholic mother and was sexually assaulted by her grandfather when she was four years old. She said she was vulnerable when she met Epstein and told him his age when they met at her Palm Beach, Florida estate.

Carolyn told court she became addicted to cocaine and dropped out of school in grade seven.

She was introduced to Epstein by Virginia Giuffre, another key accuser, in 2002. She asked Carolyn if she “wanted to go and make some money.”

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Maxwell ‘very intelligent’ with ‘infectious laugh’, document describes Epstein and his assistant’s relationship

A 2002 document described the relationship of Jeffrey Epstein and his former partner Ghislaine Maxwell, giving insight into the two’s intimacy, the court said.

It was reportedly found on a hard drive in the disgraced financier’s mansion.

The document called Ms Maxwell a “very smart and great company with a ready smile and an infectious laugh” that put people at ease.

“In addition to being a partner [sic] they are also the best friends in the world, ”the document said.

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FBI found diamonds, money, passports, CDs and hard drives after opening Epstein’s safe in 2019 raid

Photos taken during an FBI raid on Jeffrey Epstein’s eight-story townhouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in 2019 have first been released.

Among the images presented to the jury in the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell for sex trafficking of minors was one showing a safe found in a locker room on the fifth floor that had been opened by the FBI and contained hard drives, CDs. , diamonds, a large amount of US currency. , and passports belonging to Epstein.

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Third accuser details Epstein’s abuse

On the seventh day of proceedings, the third accuser who does not come under a pseudonym, Carolyn said she was called by Ghislaine Maxwell for scheduling massages for Jeffrey Epstein.

She told the court in her testimony that the disgraced financier would touch her breasts and butt, after which he masturbated.

According to her statements, Carolyn says she was abused from the age of 14 until she was 18. Later, when she went to see Epstein at the age of 19, she realized that she had become “too old for him”.

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A controversial sentence rekindled by the trial

The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell has revived an empty term that must be abolished: “underage girls”. By definition, girls are children and children are minors. The phrase implies that some “girls” are old enough to have sex with adults who are not criminals. Call children, adolescents, adolescents or minors, and call the crime against them what it is: sexual abuse. Not “sex with an underage girl”.

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Epstein gave Maxwell over $ 30 million in bank statements

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Court designer responds after image of Ghislaine Maxwell drawing her back goes viral

The New York artist, whose drawing of Ghislaine Maxwell drawing her during her trial has gone viral, said the socialite had sketched it “several times in a row”.

Talk to Spy, Jane Rosenberg spoke about the image that captured people’s imaginations and said, “In the preliminary phase in this small courtroom, that’s when the sketches started. She sketched me several times in a row.

Reports by Maroosha Muzaffar.

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