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SUSANNAH CARNEY Special for the Daily Sun

100 years ago

1922: With Dr. Tex Mackie as chairman for the day, the Rotary Club lunch meeting on Tuesday went off with a lively zest. Dr. Mackie said he thought the program should be devoted to discussing issues critical to improving Flagstaff, and introduced Captain Flagstaff Battery D. If the average battery drill attendance was higher , Flagstaff’s income could be increased to $27,344 a year, all brought in from out of town and all spent in Flagstaff. Dr. Mackie knowingly described the effects of this extra money on Flagstaff and its benefits to all businesses here. He said that in 10 years it would mean $100,000 of improvement for “dear old Flagstaff.” He introduced county agricultural officer Lt. Francis Chisel, who said Flagstaff makes a good impression on tourists. But he stressed there was still plenty of room for improvement. There are too few trees and shrubs. He said both varieties of elm, two of locust, native cottonwood, boxwood elderberry and hackberry can be grown successfully in Flagstaff.

MJC Shelton, a young man living in Flagstaff in Coconino County, has developed a method by which he conveys halftone cuts, like those of the elders in our county timeline. Mr. Shelton has been to the Sun office for the old cuts we could spare him from experimenting with and recently came up with a print of one of them done telegraphically. Transmission of images by wire is now widely practiced and newspapers frequently use this method. Mr. Shelton says his method is a great improvement over the one currently in use, and he thinks he may be able to secure its adoption in place of the current method. In which case he will derive great benefit from it.

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75 years ago

1947: A display of captured Japanese equipment including a PT suicide boat will be displayed in Flagstaff by the United States Navy Club on Friday, February 14. The PT boat is known in Japan as Shinyotie, which means ocean rocking boat. It is 16 feet long and powered by an American-designed Japanese-built six-cylinder engine. It is capable of speeds as high as 50 knots per hour. The suicide pilot’s job was to ram the boat into an American ship. The pilot had to join his ancestors in the accomplishment of his mission.

Valentine’s Day is a public holiday in Arizona. Arizona will celebrate its 35th anniversary as a state tomorrow, February 14. On February 14, 1912, Valentine’s Day, Arizona was admitted as the 48th state. Banks, state, county and city offices will close on the holiday. Business houses and schools will be open as usual.

50 years ago

1972: In early 1958, a council of 14 Flagstaff citizens was assembled by the city council and, under the chairmanship of the chairman of the Coconino County Board of Supervisors, was tasked with drafting a charter for the city of Flagstaff. The charter was passed at a special election and was ratified at a special meeting of the Council later. With ratification, Flagstaff moved from the era of the clerk of the council form of government to what is known as the director of the council form of government, with a mayor, elected specifically for this job, designed to be as much a figurehead than anything else. Now overdue changes are being made to the city charter. The changes fall into several different categories. There are major changes, such as giving the Mayor full membership and voting rights in Council, granting him the power to modify and possibly extend the current City Tax Ordinance. sale without soliciting the vote of the people, and the appointment of municipal officers, such as as clerk and treasurer, under the direct direction and at the pleasure of the municipal manager. There are procedural changes, such as those that change the term dates of the mayor and members of the city council. The city now hopes to have all the changes made in printed form.

25 years ago

1997 : When Jay Loeffers signed on to sell cleaning fluid door to door, he was told he would be housed in the best accommodations. Little did he know that would include the Coconino County Jail, where he ended up one night when his employer failed to obtain a municipal sales tax permit. Loeffers said they told him they would pay travel and hotel expenses, and he said it sounded like a pretty good deal. He was hired by Texas-based Hy-Pro Chemical Corporation to sell its cleaning fluid. The manager was driving around in a brand new Lexus.

“They said I would get 50% of any sales I made, there would be cash bonuses, and if I did well I would end up with a leather jacket as the top salesman.”

Loeffers, who lives at Motel Dubois in Southside, says the outfit isn’t as positive as she claims. Loeffers said that when he saw the job offers in the Arizona Daily Sunshine classified, he spoke to the company’s Texas-based sales team in Flagstaff on Monday, was hired locally and began selling door-to-door the next day. On Wednesday, he was in jail. Flagstaff police arrested him and two others for selling without a municipal sales tax permit. Loeffers had been arrested with another person. This person did not show up for a court appearance.

All events were drawn from the issues of the Arizona Daily Sunshine and its predecessors, the Coconino Soleil Weekly and the Coconino Sun.

Bruce Carl Ertmann helped compile the events.

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