Fake Zenith Bank Customer Care Twitter Handle Requesting ATM Card Details, BVN

One Adenike Adeola poses as a customer service agent at Zenith Bank and coerces unsuspecting customers into revealing their bank details under the guise of dispute resolution assistance.

Adeola works using a Twitter account with the handle @hZenithbank. The account invites people to message a WhatsApp number, 07081786582, for immediate response and assistance. This account created in March 2013 jumps on many complaints from Zenith Bank customers.

“It’s our only WhatsApp platform [07081786582] for immediate response and assistance or better yet visit our website https://wa.me/message/SOWP3BHZAVNCC1… for immediate response and assistance as well, please send a DM,” the handle tweeted on Monday.

When FIJ sent the number disguised as a customer with banking problems to find out how they work, the WhatsApp manager identified as Adenike Adeola asked for the affected account number. When this reporter produced one, manager adeola requested that a form to be full.

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The form bore the Zenith Bank logo and asked for details of the account number, complaints, the last six digits of the card attached to the account and the card PIN.

Our reporter said she was unavailable to fill out the form, then the manager asked directly for the card numbers and PIN. After providing incorrect details, the manager said it was incorrect and then asked for the reporter’s BVN and date of birth.

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All of these, especially the numbers on the card and the PIN, can be used to empty an account. This reporter was unable to confirm the manager’s gender as the number was deactivated and WhatsApp calls were declined.

Adeola isn’t the only one parading as a Zenith customer service agent. Other fake Zenith Twitter customer service accounts are @zenithbank42who uses the number 09071124672, and @Zenithbankplcdxwho uses 08082738949.

Checks carried out by FIJ revealed that Zenith Bank’s only WhatsApp customer assistant number is +234 704 000 4422, which is operated by ZIVAa virtual assistant.

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