Cortland Common Council agenda: September 21, 2021 (live broadcast information included) – Cortland Voice



Object 1 – Discussion and update regarding the proposed purchase by the Town of Parker School. (Mayor Tobin)

  • Meeting update
  • Possible timeline for action

Item # 2 – Consideration of a resolution to approve the special event request as well as all other required permits for “Cortland for Reproductive Choice” on October 2, 2021 from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm on Main St corners of Clinton Ave and Groton Ave. (Andrea Rankin)

Item # 3 – Consideration of a resolution authorizing the mayor to sign an agreement with Direct Energy of New York, New York for the supply of natural gas for 12 months, subject to review by the Company’s Board. Procurement covers all city of Cortland accounts. (Bruce Adams)

Item # 4 – Consideration of a local law to amend the charter by adding a three-way stop at the intersection of the CESD entrance and Valley View Drive (Ric VanDonsel)

Item # 5 – Examination of a local law increasing the Police Commission from 3 to 5 members. (Ric Van Donsel)

Item # 6 – Consideration of a resolution to lift the hiring freeze for the City of Cortland Police to fill a vacant position created by a sergeant who just submitted his retirement plan on September 24, 2021 (Chief Sandy)

Item # 7 – Consideration of a resolution for the City of Cortland Police Department to hire a replacement sergeant to replace the replacement sergeant who will now fill a full-time position created by the aforementioned retirement. (Chef Sandy)

Item # 8 – Consideration of a resolution to transfer $ 96,932 from the General Fund Account A1990 540000 – “Contingencies” to the General Fund Account A1680 540500 – “Data Processing Equipment” to finance the replacement of the City’s IT infrastructure. (Mack Cook)

Item # 9 – Consideration of a resolution to rescind the loan agreement with Cortland Rural Cemetery, Inc. and waive collection of all advances and accrued interest thereon:

  • Whereas in December 2018, the city and Cortland entered into an installment loan agreement while in the city would advance cemetery funds to support operations, and
  • Whereas: In January 2019, the City advanced $ 8,000 to the cemetery, and
  • Whereas: Under the payment agreement, the City will not receive any reimbursement during the first ten years of the advance, and
  • Whereas: the City will receive the full amount of the loan plus interest on December 18, 2028, and
  • Whereas: The Cemetery Board has decided that it is in the best interest of the Cemetery that all assets belong to Forest Lawn Incorporated, and
  • Whereas: as a condition precedent to the transfer of Forest Lawn, Inc. requires that all debts owed to the City be canceled, and
  • Whereas: The Town Council believes that it is in the best interest of the Town and its residents to fully cooperate with the Rural Cortland Cemetery as it undertakes such actions which improve financial and operational sustainability.
  • Therefore, be it resolved that the Town waive all advances and accrued interest owed to the Town by Cortland Rural Cemetery, Inc.

Item # 10 – Consideration of a Resolution to adopt funding priorities for the United States Rescue Plan funds. (Mayor Tobin)

Item # 11 – Discussion and setting of a date for a public hearing regarding the rezoning of a lot on River Street (ZEO Bob Rhea)

Item # 12 – Discussion regarding the status of Parker School and the proposal to transform it into an early childhood education center for daycare, Head Start and Early Head Start. (Mayor Tobin)

Item # 13 – Discussion on whether the city should work with the county planner to determine new ward boundaries, based on the recently completed 2020 census. This can include changing the limits and potentially the number of board members. (Mayor Tobin)

Item # 14 – Discussion on the SPCA contract. (Ric Van Donsel)

Item # 15 – Discussion regarding the city’s garbage collection program – the current contract expires in December 2021. (Mayor Tobin)

Item # 16 – Discussion regarding the garbage corral in the Groton Avenue / Orchard Street parking lot. (Mayor Tobin)

Item # 17 – Discussion regarding the audit of the State Controller and other recommendations / solutions to be undertaken. (Mayor Tobin)

Item # 18 – Discussion: Set a date for a public hearing regarding the abandonment of part of Alvena Avenue. (Ric Van Donsel)

Item # 19 – Discussion to eliminate health insurance coverage for city councilors and families. (Councilor Michales)



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