You own your home and you have consumer and real estate loans in progress . Despite these debts, you must do new work that is necessary to improve and expand your home, but you do not know how to finance them.

The sum of your current credits greatly penalizes the immediate realization of your projects. These important works are essential because they improve the comfort of the whole family.

Whether it’s a faulty heating system to replace, aeration, watertightness or water supply, or improvements such as attic insulation, an enlargement to accommodate a child’s room or friend who is lacking, beautification work with the creation of a pool, a veranda, etc …, it is better to resort to a credit redemption rather than an isolated loan at the risk of increasing your debt ratio.

The purchase of credit works is a way for owners to budget all types of work by restructuring their debt. Indeed, thanks to the mechanism of the repurchase of credit, you group all your current loans in one while obtaining an additional credit to finance your next works. Especially since the buy back credit is designed specifically for homeowners. It responds to a variety of needs that may be urgent and covers a wide range of situations.

Benefits of Redeeming Credit Works

Benefits of Redeeming Credit Works

An owner has every interest in maintaining his property or investing in home improvement. The acquisition of credit works allows him to improve his comfort of life, secure his property and realize a gain in the prospect of a resale.

For us, this is an additional guarantee that will facilitate the acceptance of a file. And no matter what budgets are committed, the buyout of work loans will automatically resolve a financial blockage. Your budget is less tight, you do not have to wait to carry out your work since you unlock a budget quickly.

We buy back all of your outstanding credits and offer you the opportunity to have one single loan to repay, with a more competitive interest rate. The lending institution takes them all, without looking at their rate or duration and you get a new monthly repayment of these loans reviewed downward that you pay fixed date each month.

This process allows you to study new projects so that you can finally finance your work. The redemption of credit works is really the solution to privilege if you wish to optimize your monthly budget. The main objective is to protect the owners from too much debt. The repurchase of credit is thus compatible with your personal treasury and you control the payment of the works necessary for your well-being. Such an operation really allows you to look ahead with more serenity.

You want to unlock money to carry out your development work that is really urgent? Ask for a personalized study of credit buyback work from our site . Our advisors will accompany you confidentially in your tailor made loan purchase project adapted to your budget.