How do I sell my account at
Instant Cash: Receive payment worth three of the best, well-geared characters in your account as soon as your account has been validated! Once the account has completed the validation process, the payment will be sent to your PayPal account within 12 hours. The bid quotes we offer will consider the main character and up to two alternate characters present in the account. Consignment: We will pay you 40% of the selling price for the account once it has been sold on our website.

How do I sell my account by Instant Cash?
Once the account details have been submitted by filling out a simple form, they will be reviewed by our team of specialists and the quote for your account will be sent in less than an hour after the submission has been made. Will my quote expire?
The prices quoted will expire after three days. Should you quote expire, simply submit your account details to our website once more in order to obtain an updated quote.

What happens after I accept the quote?
Once the quote has been accepted, it shall be in queue for processing with our Validation Department. Once all the details have been confirmed, our team shall send further instructions to your email in order to finalize the process. The entire process may take about 12 hours.

Does my account have to be active when I submit the account?
The account has to be active for at least seven days when it is submitted. Should the account be inactive or has less than seven days of game time left, it will be necessary to deduct the appropriate amount from the quote (WoW US - $20, WoW EU - $30).

When will I get paid?
For Instant Cash, the payment shall be made within 12 hours after the account has completed the validation process entirely.
For Consignment, the payment shall be made seven days after the account has been purchased from our website.

How are payments sent?
We send payments via PayPal. It is therefore necessary to have a PayPal account in order to sell an account to In order to create an account, simply go to their website,, and create one by following the instructions provided on the website. We would recommend contacting PayPal about technical issues and other PayPal-related queries as they shall be able to assist you more efficiently with regards to the services that they provide.

Why was my account sale rejected?
During the account validation process, the account should be found by our security software to be linked with previously fraudulent or suspect activity, the sale may be rejected in order to maintain our high level of service and quality. We understand that not all clients experiencing the rejection are attempting fraud as many accounts have been purchased and resold in this business. Should your account be rejected by our system, we would like to apologize for the inconvenience.
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